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“I connect naturally and easily with a wide range of people, both guests and guides! My most valued bonds are those I have shared with a few expert animal trackers, where I have learnt ancient wisdom that has not only informed my own experience, but also the experience and enjoyment of my guests. When guiding guests on an African wildlife experience, there is the textbook information, but then there are the ‘campfire stories’ that connect a person to the essence of Africa, its people, its history and its wildlife. Facilitating that connection has always been my passion.”

Currently, as well as training and guiding special expeditions, Byron manages a conservation academy at a South African NGO. The conservation academy connects rural, underprivileged children to conservation literacy and wildlife experiences. Byron has worked with guiding teams in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Kenya to help them grow as teams and individuals. Byron is a qualified FGASA Level 3 Assessor.

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